About SKM

With 15 stores and 20 halls, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi welcomes over 100 million visits a year in Taiwan.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is Taiwan’s most fashionable and popular department store with 20 stores in six cities including Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Chaiyi, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

More than simply a beautiful shopping venue, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is the place to find over 1900 fashionable brands in boutique goods, cosmetics, accessories, cutting edge 3C products, and foods from around the world. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi offers visitors a truly unique experience, whether you’re looking for the most fashionable international products, magnificent architecture and design, exciting cultural and artistic activities or a unique combination of fashion and green living space. The unique pleasures of a visit to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi make it the premier shopping destination, attracting over 100 million visits a year.

Located in the upscale commercial area near Taipei 101 and a must-visit landmark for tourists to the city, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s Taipei Xinyi Place is comprised of four uniquely different department store plazas connected by covered sky bridges, making it a unique convergence of humanism and artistry.

A single visit to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi puts the world at your fingertips – every international and boutique brand, fashionable clothing, the greatest array of authentic Taiwanese foods, and gifts handcrafted in Taiwan, set amid the frenetic activity, fashions and cultural vibrancy of Taiwan’s capital city.

Shinkong Mitsukoshi sincerely invites you to visit.